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Evian Mineral Water Spray for Hotel Guests


26 reasons to use Evian Brumisateur Mineral Water Spray.

1 - Greatly enhances the effectiveness of all moisturizers and skin care regimen. Simply spray the face, pat dry excess, and apply favorite lotion or cream day and night. 2 - Hydrates and awakens the skin with a soaking spray in the morning. 3 - Propelled in an ultra fine mist, natural Evian Mineral Water Spray is absorbed by the upper layers of the skin. 4 - Has no effect on the ozone layer because Evian is propelled by nitrogen, which is totally safe (80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 20% oxygen). 5 - Allows the upper layers of the skin to be rehydrated several times a day without removing make up. 6 - Works as a post-cleaner by removing cleansing cream or soap residue, as well as hard tap water. 7 - Tones all skin types and can replace astringent toners for sensitive or delicate skin 8 - Soothes skin chafed or irritated by sun, wind, certain cosmetics, or hard tap water. 9 - Effectively replaced facial moisture lost from active sports and drying sun. 10 - Moisturizes (upper layer of the skin) under facial masques. 11 - Relieves dry, irritated skin caused by high altitude and poor air quality during travel. 12 - Removes chlorine or sale and impurities left on the skin after swimming. 13 - Removed salty perspiration from facial skin during or after exercise or sports. 14 - Sets makeup. Revives makeup colors midday or mid-evening. 15 - The Evian container is sealed under strict sanitary conditions (unlike do it yourself sprays). Evian may be safely sprayed over entire face including the mouth. 16 - Lightens heavy makeup bases--mix half and half in hand. 17 - Soothes skin after waxing and electrolysis. 18 - Soothes sensitive skin after shaving. Replaces after-shave lotions that burn. 19 - Cleanses and soothes delicate or sensitive baby skin. 20 - Helps to keep you alert while driving (apply when stopped). 21 - The Evian canister is totally recyclable 22 - Moistens dry mouth during Lamaze breathing, and helps to cool down during labor (childbirth clinics recommend Evian Spray). 23 - Evian Brumisateur comes in three convenient sizes: 1.7 oz. for purse and travel, 5 oz. for the office, and the 14 oz. economy size for home. 24 - The 14oz. size, with regular use, last 0 days. This translates to only 15 cents a day for pure, natural skin hydration. 25 - Instantly cools and soothes hot, burning feet. 26 - Evian is the choice of leading make-up artists.

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Pharmacological studies have shown that Evian Brumisateur (brew-meez-ah-tour) Mineral Water Spray, direct from the French Alps, helps supply vital moisture to the upper layers of the skin, helping it to remain supple, healthy and young looking.

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