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Our Luxury Spa Toiletries Collection is tailored to meet the expectations of today's most discerning guests. Featuring the best of our luxurious Eucalyptus & Aloe and Sea Salt spa collections, these invigorating sea-inspired luxuries overflow with marine nutrients and essential moisture to replenish the skin and awaken the senses.

Zostera Seagrass + Multi-vitamins + Aloe Vera
Lush marine botanicals and natural plant extracts moisturize and replenish the skin. The revitalizing scent of Eucalyptus and Aloe uplifts and awakens the senses.

European Sea Salt + Marine Botanicals + Green Tea
The Sea Salt Collection luxuriously smooths and nourishes the skin. The invigorating Oceanside scent of Sea Salt is infused with notes of Green Tea and Mint to impart a hint of fresh fragrance.

In the bath or sink side, our French-milled amenities bar soap adds an element of luxury to any setting. Enhanced with a light Sea Salt Fragrance, our soap will leave a lasting impression with guests.