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Solé - Natural Mineral Water for Hotels

Solé - Fine Waters From Italy

Fine Waters From Italy

ARTE - The contemporary Arte range, in 75 and 33cl, is the most recent addition to the Sole Collection. In a sleek, multi faceted clear glass bottle, and available in either still or sparkling options, Arte provides the same crisp taste of Sole in a new exquisitely designed shape.

Art is born of love of beautiful things, and must be unique and innovative. The values of Art are reflected in the beauty of the Arte bottle . A glass bottle, clear and bright, starting round at its base and with facets tapering upwards, irregularly octagonal. A bottle to adorn the most chic restaurant tables of Italy and beyond, capable of transmitting at first glance the idea of a natural mineral water produced with love and served in accordance with the ideals of Art herself.

CLASSIC ITALIAN - Made from recycled glass and available in a full range of sizes - litre, 750, 500, 330 and 250ml - in either Still or Lightly Sparkling, Sole Classic Italian is a fitting compliment to any dining experience. Renowned for its high quality and low sodium content Sole Classic Italian refreshes and cleanses your palate whilst having a slightly sweet taste.

Sole Classic Italian has a highly elegant look that enhances any dining environment.

ACQUA ARMANI - A collaboration between Fonte Sole and Giorgio Armani, Acqua Armani is bottled with Solé Natural Mineral Water, a premium Italian water served and appreciated in many of the world's finest restaurants. Solé is classified as 'oligominerale' - low in mineral content with extremely low levels of sodium.

Bottled at the source in the foothills of the Italian Alps in Lombardy, in full compliance with the strictest hygiene standards and quality controls.

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Solé - Natural Mineral Water

Sole Fine Waters From Italy

Acqua Armani