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TCHO Chocolates for Hotels

TCHO Chocolates

If you want to help distinguish your business by offering your guests the very best chocolate, wrapped in award-winning packaging, consider TCHO. TCHO is one of the very few specialty chocolate makers in the country that sources its own cacao beans and makes exceptional chocolate from scratch. We aren't just chocolate re-melters (like the majority of chocolate companies). We are manufacturers with our own factory; and it's local - manufactured in the US at its own factory in San Francisco.

Using only the highest quality, all natural ingredients, TCHO crafts New American Chocolate, with an innovative focus on the inherent flavors of cacao. These flavors are fine-tuned during processing, resulting in a line of distinctive dark chocolates - like "Fruity" and "Nutty" or "Citrus" or "Chocolately" - that represent the pure flavors of cacao (no added fruits or nuts). Wrapped in modern festive metallic patterns - these delectable affordable luxuries shine with sophistication and fun.

Discover the pure flavors of TCHO chocolate

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TCHO Chocolates

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